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This is wild!

Did you hear about the Catholic kids from Covington, KY?

Last Friday, they proudly attended the March for Life. Later in the day, as they prepared to depart Washington D.C., they were cursed and shouted at by protesters. Finally, they were confronted by a known Native American provocateur who beat his drum in their faces, while another Native American told the students to “go back to Europe where you came from.”

Then get this…

…a highly-edited video was circulated making it appear as if the kids instigated the confrontation! And so an online mob piled on, accusing these pro-life teens of being Trump-loving racist bigots.

SHAME: CNN and the NY Times, along with an avalanche of left-wing activists, pounced. Author Reza Aslan told his 287,000 followers: “Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?” Death threats ensued. The kids’ families have now been threatened. Famous musicians were encouraging their followers to track down the students and punch them. One of the people who issued a threat to the children lives in their neighborhood. Left-wing activists are now publishing the home addresses and phone numbers of the kids’ families and urging people to destroy their lives, rescind their college acceptance letters… and ruin their future careers.

But there’s more…

Some of the loudest voices condemning these kids were Catholics! Including a famous Jesuit priest who regularly condemns others for their lack of compassion and mercy.

Regrettably, even the Covington Catholic school and their local bishop issued statements critical of the kids — though we hope and expect some of these statements may soon be revised or retracted.


Here’s the REAL story: It all started when four Black Hebrew Israelites, a radical religious group centered on black identity, approached the Covington Catholic students and began heckling them with anti-gay slurs — for almost an hour. In response, the students tried to be positive, and began singing school spirit songs. That’s when activist Nathan Phillips approached the Covington Catholic students.

That’s right– it was Phillips who approached the students, not the other way around. The full 9-minute video of the confrontation confirms this fact. The longer video also debunks the phony lie that the kids were chanting anything about building a wall.

At the center of this controversy is a young Catholic kid named Nick Sandmann.

Nick was singled out by Nathan Phillips, who beat his drum inches from Nick’s face for several minutes. In a courageous statement released to the media, Nick said:

“I was not intentionally making faces at the protestor. I did smile at one point because I wanted him to know that I was not going to become angry … I am a faithful Christian and practicing Catholic, and I always try to live up to the ideals my faith teaches me — to remain respectful of others, and to take no action that would lead to conflict or violence.

“I am being called every name in the book, including a racist…

“I have received physical and death threats via social media, as well as hateful insults…”


From all indications, Nick Sandmann acted about as well as anyone could have, given the harassment and verbal assault he endured. He and his friends were heckled and provoked. They refused to back down and stood their ground.

In fact, I’m proud to stand with Nick Sandmann.

This morning in our weekly staff meeting, we discussed ways CV could help. We have decided that this is a moment when Catholics have to step up. Left wing mobs are on the attack. They want to censor, silence, and shame us until we give up.

We refuse to surrender.

For the next 24 hours, all contributions made to the Catholic Vote Education Fund will be bundled and sent as a grant to Nick Sandmann and his family!

We’ve decided it’s not enough to simply complain…

Or push back with the truth (which we have).

Catholics need to send a clear message: courage in the face of left-wing mobs should be rewarded!

I want the Sandmann family to know CV has their back.

No teenager or family should be forced to deal with this on their own.

You can also add your note of support to the Sandmann family. We’ll send your comments along with our grant this week.


Marquette Park Residents Concerned As End Of Decades-Old Security Program Approaches

A special security surveillance system has helped keep Marquette Park safe for decades, and now residents want to know why it’s being shuttered after their local aldermen failed to renew the ordinance that regulates the program.

NOTICE SMILING 17th Ward Alderman David Moore…both he and 18th Ward Alderman Derrick Curtis did not support renewing this ordinance after 26 years of service. It seems allowing the residents of Chicago’s Marquette Park community to experience more gang and drug crime is a joke…Shame Aldermen!

Source: Marquette Park Residents Concerned As End Of Decades-Old Security Program Approaches

Thank You Aldermen…

Neighborhood security takes a “hit” after 26 years of continuous service…crime rampant in Chicago but not to our aldermen. As of December 31st  all neighborhood security patrols will be DISCONTINUED. All 13 outside MONITORED cameras will be removed by the city of Chicago. Both aldermen saw fit to NOT RENEW our Special Service Area 14. The average cost for this year round service was $100 a year. With an increase in crime in the city; we were able to keep our neighborhood safe and insulated with this extra line of security. At peak times the Chicago Dispatch Center (911) will report no cars are available…yet we were able to get a security office/off duty police officer to our homes in minutes…this will be no more… Yes, out of sight, out of mind is how the saying goes when you are only concerned with the area you live in…one of the 13 cameras covers Nativity BVM parish…Midland Savings and Saint Adrian. This camera some years ago thwarted a bank robbery at Midland Savings (police constantly review camera data). This will be no more after 26 years…wish us luck…

Dan Lipinski…a Congressman of and for the people…

POLITICS 03/16/2018 04:35 pm ET

Anti-Abortion Group Endorses Democrat Dan Lipinski In Illinois Primary

The congressman’s primary challenger, Marie Newman, supports a woman’s right to choose.

By Laura Bassett

Reproductive rights have emerged as a flashpoint in the Democratic primary race for Rep. Dan Lipinski’s (Ill.) seat in Congress, as the anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List pours money into helping the right-leaning incumbent defeat his progressive challenger, Marie Newman.

SBA List, a political action committee that normally works to elect anti-abortion Republicans, made the unusual move of endorsing Lipinski this week and spending six figures on ads for his campaign ahead of Tuesday’s primary. SBA’s president, Marjorie Dannenfelser, called Lipinski “a hero to the pro-life movement” because he opposes a woman’s right to choose abortion and even some forms of birth control. She said the group is trying to save one of its last remaining allies in the Democratic Party.


Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-Ill.) has the support of an anti-abortion group in his Democratic primary.



“They are draining the party dry of any pro-life sentiment,” Dannenfelser told McClatchy. “There’s no tolerance for even pro-choice candidates who think late-term abortion is a bridge too far. No toleration for pro-choicers who think being pro-choice is consistent with being against late-term abortion.”

Lipinski is facing a fierce primary challenge from Newman, a progressive businesswoman who is backed by the powerful abortion rights groups EMILY’s List and NARAL as well as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

Newman challenged Lipinski on reproductive rights in a side-by-side interview set to air Friday evening on Fox 32 in Chicago. Lipinski defended his vote against the Affordable Care Act in 2010, explaining that he opposed the provision requiring religious groups to cover birth control in their health care plans.

“I don’t think the Little Sisters of the Poor should be forced to provide abortion-inducing drugs, things that go against their beliefs,” Lipinski said.

“It’s called birth control, Mr. Lipinski,” Newman responded.

Lipinski also opposes LGBTQ rights, the $15-per-hour minimum wage and the Dream Act, and he refused to endorse Obama for president in 2012. The Blue Dog Democrat considers himself a moderate and has characterized Newman as belonging to the “tea party of the left” ― too liberal for his southwest Chicago district. 

Newman shot back in the Fox 32 interview. “No one knows about this, what is it, tea party of the left? No one’s ever heard of this thing, except for him,” she said. “So the party is actually getting back to its roots for working families and the expanding middle class and bringing health care for all.”

Dan Lipinski Endorsed!



Dan Lipinski

Democrats in the 3rd Congressional District, how you vote in this primary election will say a lot about what it means to be a Democrat in these ideologically polarized times.

Our endorsement goes to incumbent Rep. Dan Lipinski, who has a strong record of going to bat for working people, which is what Democrats are supposed to do. We urge a vote for Lipinski though we know he may be increasingly out of step with his party — or at least with his party’s leadership — on core social issues such as abortion and gay rights.

Democrats once took pride in being a big-tent party, tolerant of a diversity of views if only to win elections. We’ll have to see how well that big tent holds up today. Lipinski’s opponent, La Grange businesswoman Marie Newman, stands well to his left and believes the 3rd District does, too.

Lipinski, who took his father’s seat in Congress 14 years ago, is best known for working to bring federal funding to Illinois for infrastructure projects, such as new roads and bridges. This has earned him the strong support of organized labor groups, which covet the union jobs those project create. Lipinski also has been a champion of “buy American” rules when spending federal money, for beefing up workplace safety inspections, and for the rights of workers to organize.

Lipinski favors a higher hourly minimum wage, but not one as high as the “at least $15” called for by Newman, and he co-sponsored the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would ensure that employers who pay a man more than a woman for the same job must show the disparity is not gender-based, but job-related.

Lipinski is old-school in his view of what Illinois’ economy should look like, continuing to see a big role for traditional manufacturing. For that reason, he has opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, convinced it would lead to an export of American jobs. And he wrote the American Manufacturing Competitive Act — an excellent idea — which requires the federal government to produce a national strategic plan, updated every four years, to boost American manufacturing. The first plan is due this spring.

Newman is supported by prominent liberal Democrats, most notably Rep. Jan Schakowsky and Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who say Lipinski is just a closet Republican. Newman points out that Lipinski, an abortion rights foe, has voted several times to defund Planned Parenthood, and he was one of just three Democrats to vote against Obamacare in 2010.

Newman advocates “Medicare for all,” the universal health care plan promoted by Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vermont, and she wants to increase the availability of affordable childcare.

On all these social issues, this editorial board stands on Newman’s side of the fence, but we respect Lipinski’s commitment to the concerns of ordinary working Americans at a time when unions and workers’ rights are under attack. That’s enough for us, for now.


A New Era for Cook County Hospital and Health Services

Such great news to hear from the top administration at CCHHS on the rebirth of the historic facade and building of the original Cook County Hospital on the 1900 block of Harrison. So much history and some tied to our family…remembering my grandmother bringing my mother and aunts there in the early 1900’s…my birth at the neighboring Rush Presbyterian Saint Luke’s Hospital; and myself working at this prestigious hospital. Also, I could remember as if was yesterday how it assisted so many Lithuanian immigrant families that had no where else to go for medical care. Little did they realize that the physician attending them just walked over from Rush or was a Northwestern or UIC attending or resident. They received, as everyone, the best health care available with the nationally renowned Trauma Service and the historic Burn Service. Little is known that the first blood analyzation was begun at County.

Going into a new era is soon the completion of the Cook County Central Campus Health Center in the 1900 block of West Polk. It will contain physician and departmental offices as well as clinic services complementing the most ambitious of projects the development of the original Cook County Hospital …

…as Curbed Chicago reports…

The 102-year-old Cook County Hospital building is in serious need of restoration, and after more than a decade of vacancy, a plan for redevelopment might actually get moving by summer.

The building’s 99-year lease was transferred to the developer, Civic Health Development Group, which indicates that the first phase of development is right around the corner, the Chicago Sun-Times first reported.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the first phase of the plan calls for reuse of the abandoned hospital building which has sat vacant since 2002. The hulking historic structure could house as many as 250 hotel rooms and 150 market-rate and affordable apartment units.

The next phase includes the construction of a new research and technology center built along Wood Street at the eastern edge of the site. Attention would then turn to expanding the capacity of the Hospital’s existing parking garage and lining the enlarged structure with new retail, residential, and office spaces. The final phase of the project outlines a pair of mixed-use highrise towers to be constructed just north of the old hospital at opposing ends of Pasteur Park. Open space will remain between the the new towers as to not too badly obstruct the historic building’s detailed facade following its full restoration.

Cook County plans to lease the land and buildings to the development team for $2 million a year. The total cost of the privately-funded project is estimated to be between $550 million and $700 million, though the developers hope to reduce the price tag with historic preservation tax credits. Phase one work on the old hospital building could start next year with the hotel and apartment component opening as early as 2018

In the long term we will see a new Cook County health complex that will complement Rush, University of Illinois Medical Center, West Side VA Medical Center in the historic Illinois Medical District. As we of Lithuanian extraction often say Valio … Valio … Congrats!

Christopher Kennedy

Want a Governor that works and understand our economy and you and your families and is not a billionaire that understands wealth and privilege…join me in supporting Chris… Joe

“I moved to Illinois 30 years ago with an enthusiasm for business and a commitment to serve. Every job I’ve had, every organization I’ve been a part of, has relied on teams working together and shared leadership, which resulted in shared success.”
From 2009 through 2015, Chris served as chairman of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees. At U of I, Chris oversaw a $5.5 billion budget, 78,000 students and more than 23,000 faculty and staff. During his tenure, he reformed the administration and admissions process and grew the endowment and increased financial aid. He is a former Trustee for the Catholic Theological Union, one of the largest schools of theology in the world.

An Open Letter…

…to the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish Community in Chicago’s Marquette Park neighborhood and our partner in Renew My Church…Blessed Jurgis Matulaitis, MIC mission in the Village of Lemont…

Can we honestly say today that our Catholic and Lithuanian faith tradition are important to us? Without question we can say yes! This is very well evidenced by the the Christmas holiday that just passed and the celebration of the Epiphany and Baptism of Our Lord which we celebrate this week. The first priority was not the exchange of presents, but the reverence of the manager and the Birth of Jesus with Mary and Joseph and the Shepherds. We did this at our parish and mission. But there is a missing dynamic here as to how we did this…separately and not sharing the Christmas Plotkele with our brothers and sisters at the mission…we celebrated that most holiest of meal…Kūčios by ourselves. We have been in discussion ad finitum on the proper way to be a faith community according to the guidelines set forth in Renew My Church by Cardinal Cupich. This includes among other issues the proper management of our parish and mission in ministry, education and finances. For this we need only look at our neighboring parishes here on the Southwest side of Chicago…Saint Christina…Christ the King and Saint Barnabas. To start with, we are in need of permanent Deacons both at the parish and mission. We are in need of a full time music and choir director; religious education director; acolytes/lectors/Eucharistic Ministers. A full time business and development manager together with a youth minister. You ask, why can some neighboring parishes have this and we not…this is because we have not yet learned to share and support each other in Renew My Church. Our First Communion and Confirmation classes are separate … our parish and mission social events are separate…we do not share. We have a parish convent populated by two nuns that can be used for parish events and organization such as the Legion of Mary…Holy Name Society etc… A nun’s residence is a quarter a block away at the Saint Casimir Center; that includes a vacant chaplain’s residence. One of the nuns could easily become a religious education director at the parish coordinating with the mission. None of these issues are under discussion because of strict ethnic thinking that the parish is in decline…the mission is ours and we do not want any interference from Archdiocese of Chicago. A fear grounded in the idea that we have to conform to inclusion rather than exclusion…we must welcome all of our brothers and sisters as Christ did…this has to change or we will not survive. If you look at the average age of those that attend the liturgies…you will soon see that it is in the late 60’s. Only major solemnities are attended by the larger Lithuanian community. You may ask why…because we do reach out to the younger generations in offering a vibrant parish and mission with services that I have already described. If we do not soon look to these our brothers and sisters in faith…we shall find ourselves not a community that we could call our own.

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