Thank You Aldermen…

Neighborhood security takes a “hit” after 26 years of continuous service…crime rampant in Chicago but not to our aldermen. As of December 31st  all neighborhood security patrols will be DISCONTINUED. All 13 outside MONITORED cameras will be removed by the city of Chicago. Both aldermen saw fit to NOT RENEW our Special Service Area 14. The average cost for this year round service was $100 a year. With an increase in crime in the city; we were able to keep our neighborhood safe and insulated with this extra line of security. At peak times the Chicago Dispatch Center (911) will report no cars are available…yet we were able to get a security office/off duty police officer to our homes in minutes…this will be no more… Yes, out of sight, out of mind is how the saying goes when you are only concerned with the area you live in…one of the 13 cameras covers Nativity BVM parish…Midland Savings and Saint Adrian. This camera some years ago thwarted a bank robbery at Midland Savings (police constantly review camera data). This will be no more after 26 years…wish us luck…

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