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A Sad Farewell…

A Sad Farewell...

The Sisters of Saint Casimir will say goodbye to the Marquette Park community that was their home since the their arrival in 1911. The St. Casimir Motherhouse was purchased by Rev. Anthony Staniukynas (whose statue stands in the front of the motherhouse). The future of the Motherhouse complex and campus is still unclear… as is the fate of the Venerable Mother Maria Kaupas, who is interred in a wall crypt in the 200 seat convent chapel. The Sisters will be relocating to the Franciscan Sisters Motherhouse in suburban Lemont. The Farewell Mass will be at on Sunday, June 22nd at 11 am at the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish with a dinner following in the parish’s social hall…

8 Responses to “A Sad Farewell…”

  1. Jeanne Meske

    I was a member of the SSC’s for about 6 years back in the 70’s. I attended Villa Joseph Marie HIgh School in Newtown, PA and that is where I first met this wonderful group of women. I am so sad to see how their numbers have dwindled. The Motherhouse was filled with Sisters from 18 to 90 when I was there. This is a great loss for all of us who treasure our experience with these Sisters. May the Lord keep them in his hands.


  2. ashley queen (Spartz)

    Sad to see Maria high school close to only have the same happen to the Mother house. I went to school at Maria. It was a safe, loving, supportive, and fun school. We use to have get togethers and lunches at the mother house. We were all sister’s and we could count on each other for anything. We were and still forever Maria sister’s. It saddens me that we won’t have new girl’s able to experience that like we did. We will be miss the sisters and wish them the best in God’s new plan for them. Love you and will miss you!


  3. nora hussey

    Maria High School and the sisters helped to nurture,encourage and inspire me. I would never have had the courage to dream if they had not been a guiding light in my formative years. I believe in the biblical phrase “to every thing there is a season”…and their season was long and fruitful and will have resonance for generations to come.


  4. Kathrine

    So sad to hear Christianne. So much history for you and fond memories as well.


  5. Joan seil

    Tower of beauty fair SCA vested in fairest green array, we loved you revered you. You were a haven for education and nurture. You turned young girls into women ready to contribute ideals and talent to their family, profession and country. You were a safe harbor for the war displaced. The dignity that you instilled will live far beyond brick walls. May God bless and keep you safe. Thank you is not enough for what you have contributed.
    Joan Ferenzack Seil “53”



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